Defiant 'The Bird' Black
Defiant 'The Bird' Black
Defiant 'The Bird' Black

Defiant 'The Bird' Black

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Defiant is excited to launch a NEW product! 'THE BIRD' Designed initially to target trophy largemouth bass, "The Bird" as we call it has proven to draw violent strikes from predatory gamefish across North America and the rest of the world. An underutilized prey category, birds represent a common presence across waterways throughout the globe and can represent an important food source for predatory fish. Carefully curated and tested hard for YEARS to bring you a unique topwater option that features an aggressive body roll to trigger bites.

  • 6 Inches in Length
  • 4 Ounces
  • ABS Wired Through Construction
  • BKK Spear-21 Treble Hooks
  • Quality Components/Wings
  • Spare set of Wings
  • Rotating Hook Hangers to minimize fish rolling off the hooks
  • FOUR carefully picked/ hand painted patterns for any scenario